Always ask before running this file

Whenever I download an .exe file from the internet and then try to launch this file, the annoying popup shows asking whether I want to run this file or cancel. Of course I want to run… There’s also a check box “Always ask before running this file”, of course checked…

This feature was always annoying me to death… What a stupid, paranoiac approach to  “protect” the user. The original idea was to prevent running the automatically downloaded “qwerytweru.exe” ? Or to prevent my mom running the “unsafe” flashplayer.exe ??

For those annoyed to death here’s a solution:

1. Click Start → Run. Type gpedit.msc (BTW it’s the best tweaking tool in Windows… Attention, those who have “Home Premium” edition Windows, sorry, this tool isn’t available so stop reading here…)

2. Go to User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Attachment Manager and double click “Do not preserve zone information in file attachments“. Normally it’s on “Not configured”. Set to “Enabled”. No further tricks needed, just close the window. Any .exe file you download from now on should run without asking questions.

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